Monday, December 6, 2010

Site Update

I just finished overhauling the website. It doesn't look that much different, although there are subtle changes to the theme and nearly all the pages. The underlying guts are substantially changed.

There are some changes you may notice.
1. Support for antique, non-css compliant versions of internet explorer is gone.
It hadn't worked right for a while anyway.

2. Books is renamed to "In Print".
3. Buy Books is renamed to "Buy".
4. The Bookshelf and Press Info pages are gone
Nobody was hitting them.
5. Downloads is renamed to "Download"

Known issues:
If your browser window is bigger than about 1300px wide, the nav block becomes detached from the rest of the content, which is pinned to a maximum width of 1280. I know I can fix this by putting everything inside a container div the width of the browser, but I'm trying to find out if there's a nicer (easier) way to do it from the CSS side of things. Remarkably, setting the body max-width doesn't work at all.

If you find any bugs, links trailing off to nowhere, etc, do please let me know.


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