Friday, February 1, 2013

Site Updates

Now with twitter. Yay? :) Seriously. If you're on my site you're looking at quite a large overhaul of the site, most of which doesn't show. The Buy page no longer exists, because it was ancient, badly out of date, and seriously messed up anyway. I added twitter to the aggregate feeds page on the front because I do talk shop there, HOWEVER, only tweets I originate will show. I know twitter is a conversation, and if you want to see the conversation, there's a link to my one and only twitter account, and you can get the full time line of me arguing with friends. :) Also, in the name of sustainability, I have cleaned up the CSS (hugely) and converted all the pages to HTML5, and verified them, so it /should/ work properly with most modern browsers. Even IE seems to have come around, last I heard. Does it break compatability with Mosaic? Well… yes, but I don't think Mosaic did xhtml anyway, and that's what I was using before. As usual, lots of changes under the hood, but only some polishing on the body work. -JRS

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