Monday, February 9, 2009

Kindle 2, two for Kindle

Today, announced the Kindle 2, the updated version of their well known e-book reader. I've mentioned the original Kindle before, and I received one for Christmas in 2007 from my lovely and generous wife, so I had to work with my publisher to make my work available on that platform.

So in light of today's Kindle 2 announcement, I have an announcement of my own. Both my novels, Looking Glass and Irreconcilable Differences are now in the Amazon Kindle Store, for 99 cents each, available for instant download over the Kindle's wireless network.

The way I see it, e-books are poised to replace the old mass-market paperback format as the way to try out new authors without investing a lot of money. Books are expensive these days, and money's tight, and I understand it's a tall order to ask you to take a chance on an author you don't know and spend fifteen bucks for the privilege. If you have a Kindle or, soon, if you get a Kindle 2, you can try my work out for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

For those of you without Kindles, or with other kinds of e-book readers, these same e-books are available on my website for an even more attractive price. Free. :)

Links: Looking Glass for Kindle Irreconcilable Differences for Kindle The Downloads Page on my Website.

(Some browsers seem to be gagging on my download files. Please try right-clicking on the e-book links and saving the files, to prevent your browser from doing the wrong thing to the e-books when you download.)

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