Thursday, September 29, 2016

Brass and Steel: Inferno is here.

I got word from Amazon this morning that Brass and Steel: Inferno is available in both formats: DRM-Free Kindle and DRM free paperback.

It's 1895. Business is good.

Out in the wild part of the country; where the wave of post-war prosperity washes up on the dust of the Old West; a million dollars worth of silver has gone missing. It's a routine case for Marshal Dante Blackmore. But there's nothing routine about Perdition, nor the mine, nor especially about Inferno, a mystical club that rises like a shining idol into the bloody sky. Blackmore will have to risk all the humanity he has left to unravel the case, find out the truth behind the Doppelgänger war, and his own dark secrets.

I've been saying for a long time that my short story Brass and Steel, originally published in Science Fiction Trails magazine had enough implicit story to be an entire novel, perhaps a trilogy. This is that novel. My first novel-length foray into Steampunk, it tells the story of a town locked in the final conflict of a long-dead war; of the man whose job it is to solve a crime there; and the hornet's nest he kicks over in the process. Very, very little is as it seems, not least of which Dante Blackmore, the hero of the story. It's finally in print, wrapped in cover art by the always awesome Richard Bartrop.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Inferno is Coming

Brass and Steel: Inferno is coming.
I've pulled the trigger on both Createspace and KDP. There's no buy link on my web page yet because Amazon hasn't generated the URLs yet.

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