Wednesday, May 30, 2012

And one other thing...

I finished the first draft of Brass and Steel: Inferno, plot complete, from beginning to end on May 21. I'm wading through it and commenting on it and generally considering what tack I need to take with the edit. Also starting to research ideas for the second book, tentatively titled Brass and Steel II: The Shattered Glass, laying out some possibly pivotal scenes, and doing a little free writing on it. Catching up with my RL, yeah, that too. :) -JRS

Shirts that Fit

For you gentlemen in Denver, for whom finding a dress shirt in your size is a pain, let me recommend Faconne It's a little place next to Panera on Park Meadows drive in LoneTree, and they make custom shirts. Well. Let me take that back a little. They take measurements for custom shirts, and send the actual tailoring out. To Thailand. The shirts aren't cheap, either. Mine (admittedly with most of the expensive addons, like 100% cotton fabric) ran me about a hundred bucks, and it took about 3 weeks to get here. But let me tell you, I've never /ever/ had a dress shirt that fit so well. I can button the collar (and wear a tie, theoretically) and it's not just tolerable, it's comfortable. Really. I was astonished. I had M, who sews, inspect it. She tells me it's well made, obviously hand made (as opposed to bulk manufactured) with some nice tailoring touches like flat felled French seams on the sides and in the sleeves. Highly recommended. -JRS

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