Sunday, December 26, 2010

Disarming a Civilization

Working on a side project hopefully destined to become a novel some day. I've been envisioning the world of another novel in the Einstein's Blues universe, this time on the moon called Glory. Lots of stuff goes on in it, but one thing that sprang fully formed to my mind the other day, and it's a nice fresh paranoia to keep folks through the new year.

Imagine that millimeter wave radar (one type of invasive scanner at airports) becomes inexpensive. Imagine a slightly fascist government. Now imagine that every light post you walk past may be scanning you, and the scan is being analyzed by a pattern matching computer or an AI for weapons. Your civilization has just been disarmed.

Of course, being my creation, even the somewhat fascist government in question is pragmatic and only insists people not carry guns. Edged weapons, since they produce few collateral casualties and do not significantly improve one's ability to resist the police state, are perfectly fine, at least in some areas.

Glory's shaping up to be a fun place. Rather more cyberpunkish than the story I've been working on in this universe.

Don't expect to see any of this soon. Brass and Steel: Inferno will be chewing up my writing time for quite a while.

Have a happy new year. :)


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