Thursday, August 14, 2008

Irreconcilable Differences Premiers during Denvention 3

A week ago tonight, August 7, 2008, Flying Pen Press premiered their Summer of Science Fiction lineup of books. I'm pleased to say that Irreconcilable Differences was among them.

Here's me, giving the speech and short reading at the Tattered Cover. Unlike last time, this speech and reading went pretty well. I figure when I can get the audience to laugh, I've got their attention. :) Oh, the pictures are all clickable, if you want them big enough to actually see. :)

Here's fellow FPP author Gaddy Bergman, giving his speech and a short reading from his upcoming Riders of the Mapinguari.

As I mentioned, the premier was on the second day of Denvention 3, aka Worldcon. For those of you who've never been, Worldcon is the World Science Fiction Convention. It's held in a different location every year, anywhere in the world where Science Fiction is read. Last year's was in Yokohama, Japan. This year? Denver. Mighty convenient, that. :) It's the first time I've been able to go to a worldcon and then sleep in my own bed at night. Although we did rent a hotel room Friday and Saturday nights, so we could go to bid parties. (A bid party is where cities who would like to host a worldcon 2-3 years hence throw a party at the current one. Much fun. :)

I knew I was on a panel at Worldcon. Our topic was "The Successful Misfit in Science Fiction." I figured that, given it was fairly early Sunday morning, at the tail end of the con, it would be populated by lesser known writers like myself.

I found out a week beforehand that my assumption was wrong.

This is a picture of that panel. That fellow on the far (house) left there? That's Larry Niven. Continuing to (house) right is Richard Dutcher, the moderator; me; and George R. R. Martin. Intimidated? Me? You bet. :) As it turned out, Mr. Niven had some very good examples of the successful misfit from his own work, and Mr. Martin and I had quite a bit to say on the broader implications and technical uses for misfits. Turns out that on close reflection, misfits abound in Sci-Fi and fantasy. A good panel. At least I had fun. I hope they did.

I had a signing, too. This picture is of me signing some kind of who's who in sci-fi, my only customer. But it was still fun. The well dressed gentleman to the (house) left of me is James Morrow, who had a lot of interesting things to say once his line of fans had been taken care of. Watching him sign was probably more educational than doing it myself. The man takes good care of his fans.

A good con. A fun con. But I have to say that the last time I went to Worldcon was 6 years ago, and I really *felt* the difference those 6 years made. In tiredness. Still. Looking forward to Bubonicon (where I'm just going as a fan) and Mile Hi Con (where I will hopefully be contributing). I'd somehow lost sight of how much fun sci fi cons can be. And I think I'm getting used to being a contributor, too. And I like it. :)


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