Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I have a Book!

If you follow lolcats, (http://icanhascheezburger.com/) you've undoubtedly seen the picture of a happy looking walrus holding a beach pail while his keeper is washing him. It has the caption, "I has a bukket!" and it is from this that the whole "bukket" meme flows.

Well. I has a book. That would have been the title of this post, too, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. :)

It's funny. I've seen this book. I mean, I wrote this book, obviously. I've seen it all dressed up in typesetting, with the cover and everything. And still, like the first time around, it's a lot like standing in the living room of your prom date's parents' house and all of a sudden that girl you've known in school for who knows how long is all dressed up, and you and your sweaty palms have to pin a corsage on her without stabbing her. Holding the first copy out of the carton was like that, minus the stress of trying not to stab someone - or wind up with a hand in her cleavage in her parents' livingroom.

Yeah. Second book. Was like that. I hope that doesn't ever change. It's one of the things that makes writing fun.

Oh, and word to the wise. The prom dress effect described above? Wedding dresses have the same effect, only an order of magnitude stronger. Gentlemen, if you're getting married, make sure to see the dress beforehand. Bad luck? I dunno, I think it's worse luck to pass out at the altar. :)


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