Sunday, November 9, 2008

NanoWrimo, Day 10

Okay, now I'm behind. 10,385 words total, and that only after a 4300 word push today. The good news is the magic has started to happen. I have characters and they're talking to each other, and weaving the plot for me. The bad news is they're not sticking to the road map of the plot very well. That's actually good news, too. I love it when characters do that to me.

If you've ever not ridden a bicycle for years and then climbed on one, wobbled a few times, and then found the sense of balance returned to you and you were swooping the curves just like you did when you were twelve after a few minutes, that's what yesterday and today were like writing. It just came back. Stop worrying so much, throw in some characters to talk to, and let them run with it.

A usual, secondary characters start becoming major supporting roles. And insist on having personalities and backgrounds. Today we met, out of thin air, a CUCS Shepherd (agent of the national church of the United Christian States of America by the name of Brother Blake Tanner. His motivations may turn out to be important, unless something else changes on me. :)

Anyway, 10k words, plus the ones on this page, so I'm going to keep this brief. My plan, to paraphrase Darth Vader, is to put myself /back/ on schedule as soon as possible. I have to say another 4300 word day or two would probably do it. However it happens, if I'm at 25,000 words by Friday night, I'll be on schedule.


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