Monday, November 10, 2008

12,620 words

I'm now only one day behind. Knocked out something like 2200 words today and stopped, mid-scene. I know from long experience that after a big push like yesterday, it's a mistake to push for excessive word count a second day in a row.

One thing I've been struck by with all of my novel efforts is that each one seems to develop its own playlist on iTunes. Indeed, the playlists wind up named for the novel I listen to them in. This playlist may give some hint to the mood I'm reaching for in this novel. Why there's so much whitespace between this text and the table, I have no idea.

All You ZombiesThe Hooters
AmazingJohnette Napolitano
And We DancedThe Hooters
Blonde AmbitionFans of Jimmy Century
Blood On the StepsThe Yelling
Bringing Me DownJohnette Napolitano
French ConnectionSimon Stinger
The Future Will Blow Your MindFans of Jimmy Century
The Future Will Blow Your MindSimon Stinger
Going 2 HellFans of Jimmy Century
Going 2 hell rock mixSimon Stinger
Gothic GirlThe 69 Eyes
How Did U Know? Simon Stinger
The Last Girl in the WorldSimon Stinger
Let Me BurnSimon Stinger
Madame XSimon Stinger
Mr. HurricaneBeast
ParalyzerFinger Eleven
Where Do the Children GoThe Hooters
Wrote It Down And Burned ItJohn Hiatt

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