Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Dead of Winter

 I’m not your ordinary gumshoe. 

My name’s Nina Cohen. Born: 1898, died: 1912. I’m a poltergeist in a human body. I work from home as a private investigator. I watch entirely too much TV, and I talk to my cat. Say hello, Djinn.


My cop buddy Cronenberg talked me into this case. I’m just saying.

Nikita Zapata had everything to live for: friends, teammates, good grades, a volleyball scholarship to college. Then she went missing.

Jenny Thordarson had nothing: abused, trafficked from a young age, family history of drugs, you name it. She went missing last summer.

On the face of it, these two high school girls have only one thing in common: they were both Morgan Whitney’s best friends, and Morgan’s not talking.

My job was to find Nikita. There were fifty-thousand dollars in it for me. That’s why I’m undercover in high school.

Now I’m hip deep in ancient powers beyond anything I knew about, the spirits of serial killers, teachers that don’t like me, and snow. Lots and lots of snow.

Nobody said the life of a high school girl was easy.

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