Monday, October 2, 2023

Markdown Tools, Revisited

 I've switched to Obsidian for my markdown editing. With the right plugins, it can compile my books into a single wad of markdown that pandoc can ingest comfortably. With the right plugins, and some luck, it's got a grammar checker that will even catch my habit of forgetting closing quotes. (Yes, this makes programming a special joy too.) It's even cross-platform.

Is Obsidian the most wonderful software ever? No. I don't much like the license (for companies larger than 1 person, you have to rent it, otherwise it's free.) I don't really like the UI that much. The plugins are all written in javascript, which I don't know, and it's an electron app, so it's huge. But what Obsidian does is most of what I need, and the plugins make up most of the difference, so for the time being, Obsidian is it.

IA Writer is a lovely thing, but I had a data-loss argument with its library management system. Really, I don't understand why software (to include Obsidian, but less irritatingly so) insists that it has to manage *all* the documents. I am not taking notes. I don't need to graph the interconnections between notes. I am *WRITING A NOVEL*. Sheesh.

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