Friday, June 30, 2023

To Edit Markdown

Why, exactly, do I need a markdown editor? 

Good question. Almost any code-aware text editor can color-code Markdown so you can see what's highlighted, what's italic, and so on.  But having an editor that can and will display the markdown in its final form, tell you when you've goofed up the syntax by not doing what you had in mind, that kind of thing's useful.

I've tried quite a bunch of markdown editors. So far, I have *one* winner.

iA writer for mac is lovely. It fits my workflow, by having a library manager, a spell checker, a grammar checker, even a usage checker (although it's annoying, so I leave it off unless I'm editing.) It's rock stable. 

Downside? It's Mac only*, and it's expensive (as this sort of software goes.) I'm looking for software that is similar for Linux. No steaming piles of Python need apply (now watch, that's what makes iA writer go. :P ).  Do I *really* have to write my own?

Anyway. That's where I am.  iA writer can apparently compile individual documents direct to .docx or PDF, but as it does not handle multi-documents directly, I don't think that'll be of much use. Pandoc does it better, and uses my templates.

Anyway. That's where I am.

*It's not actually mac-only. There are Windows, Android, and IOS versions as well, just no Linux version. So of my platforms, it's Mac only, because writing long work with a touch-screen keyboard makes my hands hurt just thinking about it.

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