Sunday, September 25, 2022

That New Cat Smell

 Meet Puma Purrman.

Sunny, our other cat, was not doing well as an only cat, in the wake of Shadow's death, so on Saturday, we went to the Castle Rock Dumb Friends facility to look at cats. Puma (then named Uma Purrman) was first on her list, and the volunteer said "Oh, perfect. She's a doll, I've been trying to find a home for her all day.

And she was. 

Affectionate, inquisitive, practically fearless (except for the dogs when they were looking in the window), with impeccable manners (soft paws, no biting). Also sleek and black, as I've come to prefer in cats. So we brought her home. She's about four months old, with great big paws and a very long tail. IT seems likely she's going to be a big kitty.

It's been a very long time since we had a kitten. 13 years or so, not coincidentally the length of Shadow's life, since he was the last kitten we had. Still getting used to that. Next steps, get the new cat inspection done, get her spay stitches out, and get her fully introduced to Sunny, who is very curious about her.

As I told her (like she listened. Cat.) I'm glad she's here. I wish Shadow could be here too, but he can't.

What, you don't talk to your cats?

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