Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Raspberry Pi for Arduino Users

So you might have noticed the site update. In addition to unplugging Google Analytics* (which was the only use my site had for cookies) I have a new book out, as of mid-July called Raspberry Pi for Arduino Users.

Most Raspberry Pi books assume you're starting from scratch, or that you know some Linux, or that you actually want to learn Python. Raspberry Pi for Arduino Users  assumes that you're actually an experienced Arduino user, well versed in writing sketches, but that you want to cross over to build an Internet gadget, or you need more speed, or a GPU, or some other service that just comes with a Pi, but you don't know where to start.

This book is where you start. It will teach you how to use the Geany IDE to replace the Arduino IDE you're used to, and how to leverage the C++ you learned writing sketches to write Linux programs for the Raspberry Pi, from GPIO code to network socket code to PHP for the Apache web server, to building your own 5 volt Arduino compatible that you can program from the Pi's GPIO pins.  I break these topics down into digestible chunks with some classic projects, and a few you simply can't do with Arduino.

Most of what you've already learned with Arduino can work with the Pi. This book is how you get there.


*My blog is hosted by, so it still has cookies. If you read it on my site, it's fed from the RSS feed that does not.

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