Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Why I Will Be Dumping Scrivener Shortly

Scrivener, you have failed me for the last time. Your complete incompetence saving to network drives is unacceptable. Your lack of a real Linux version is unacceptable. Your miserable compiling setup is unacceptable. Your IOS version is idiotic, hard to use, and unacceptable.  I have a day and a half's re-writing to do because of you. You and I are through.

*breaking neckbone sound*

Apology Accepted, Scrivener.

Seriously. If you have the chance to use Scrivener, DON'T. You will, unless your data setup is "a mac with no network connection," lose data. Don't think Dropbox can roll things back. It can't.  Time machine may get it, or it may not. (In my case I was on my Linux box running it in Wine.)  Scrivener may make backup files, or it may not, for no apparent reason. An unreliable storage venue for my text? Hell I have Microsoft Word for that.



Jack Sherr said...

I'd like to learn what you replace Scrivener with; I'm running Linux as well!

JRS said...

I haven't found a good substitute yet. If you like mmd, you might take a look at manuskript. I've poked at it a little, but don't know much about it.

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