Sunday, March 22, 2015

Nerd moment

I'm shifting my Raspberry Pi to use LVM for everything except the boot partition. I've duped /home and my music partition to LVs on a spare drive, and now I'm pvmoving my LVs back to a partition on the HD the pi usually uses. Listening to Wierd Al's White and Nerdy. No hiccups. Gotta love the Raspberry Pi 2, but the only way to make this moment nerdier is to be playing D&D at the same time. Heh.

(Pi doesn't have an initramfs by default, so it can't boot into LVs.  You can set one up, but they have a reputation for flakiness. IMHO it shouldn't need one given that the kernel and bootloader (such as it is) are on an SD card separate from /root, but I haven't figured out how to connect that all up yet. :)



JRS said...
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Erbo said...

Does the Pi 2 still use a FAT partition for /boot? I'm guessing it probably does. (In the original Pi, the GPU is actually what gets control first, loading its firmware and the kernel from the boot partition and then releasing RESET on the ARM core to let it do its thing. I presume they didn't change that for the Pi 2.)

JRS said...

I assume it does, yes. That FAT partition has to be on the sd card, too. My first thoughts to solve this are to either move / back to the sd card and chroot to the one on the HD once the pi's booted, (I think - haven't read up on chroot) or to move the root filessytem back to the sd card, maintain the parts I need on it there, and then mount the HD root filesystem to / in fstab. The latter sounds like a maintenance headache - can't see how I'd keep that hidden root filesystem up to date. I may just live with it until the initrfs stuff is stable.

Erbo said...

If you do the first solution, your SD card becomes effectively like an initrd. It means you could use a much smaller SD card to boot from, too, though you probably can't find cards smaller than 1-2 Gb these days.

Unknown said...

Roll a d20

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