Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Separating Work from Play, Update #1

For those who wondered, I'm still using the Linux box for gaming. It's still going well. I've switched from 32 bit Ubuntu to 64 bit Mint/Cinnamon (Olivia, apparently.) and things are remarkably less clumsy. I've also moved my uber-video card to the PC, where it works just fine despite being a mac version. The 5870 is quite a boost from the 9600. Also, when friend Jeff Duntemann sold me this case out of his junk box, he left the dead motherboard, still with a presumed-dead 2.4ghz quadcore in it. On a lark, I tried that presumed-dead CPU in my play machine and it works just fine. While I read over and over that a dual core 3ghz chip with 1333khz frontside bus will always trounce a quad-core with a 1066mhz frontside bus in gaming, I haven't noticed any particular difference. The game I play is so GPU-bound that my processor is seldom saturated either way. When running multiple apps, however, the difference is pronounced, just as one would expect. So now my junk-box PC is roughly the equal of my mac in its gaming heyday - quad-core 2.66ghz, Radeon HD5870 card (pc people feel free to chuckle. It's the best card that would go in my mac, and even then it was sickeningly expensive). Cost? Less than a hundred bucks. And I've missed screwing around with the hardware of my computer.


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