Monday, October 25, 2010

The Stuff in my Head - Freakies

In 1974, I'd have been about 6 years old, in Kindergarden, and watching Star Trek in syndication on Channel 2 out of Denver, and that year, the video below hit the airwaves, nestled amongst the saturday morning cartoons. This is the stuff that sticks with me. This is the stuff in my head. For no reason I can fathom save repetition and impressionability, I can still recall the refrain from this exact jingle, on key, and with the correct lyrics and pacing, though I can't remember the actual video (save that I just watched it), and I certainly never saw it in color.

As for Freakies themselves, I recall I convinced my mother to buy me a box at one point, and they were so bad that even a six-year-old's sweet tooth wasn't enough to make me gag them down. I recall it being a stinging disappointment, and I never quite forgave the makers of the cereal for it.

According to the wikipedia article, the cereal itself lasted only two more years, which suggests a lot of people had the same experience.

Now, if only I could get this jingle out of my head. There are far more useful things I'd like to remember so permanently.


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