Thursday, January 7, 2010

Induction Rigs, Kind of.

Well, here it is 2010, and if you crunched the math while reading /Looking Glass/, you'll realize that while there's all kinds of promising technology towards direct neural interfaces, unlike my predictions in /Looking Glass/, the first practical ones aren't out yet, and things aren't looking too promising for them by the end of the year. Oh well, the risks of writing near term science fiction, I suppose. :)

Exceptthis, which I stumbled across on Make: Online. The EPOC Headset claims to be able to translate thought patterns (and presumably surface muscle activity) from the head into keystrokes for your computer. It also has a gyroscope to monitor head position and whatnot. I suspect it's doing a lot with physical cues as well as neurological interfacing, and certainly it's not writing back to the wearer's brain. Yet. But. It's a step.

Just what I need. More expensive toy lust. :) At least the CupCake CNC machine is mac compatible.



John Foberg said...

MAKE, what a great magazine! Jim did you take the plunge on the cupcake CNC?
Just started my own tabletop CNC(3' x 1.5') design based on several ideas from CNCZONE Forums
Using mostly 8020 T slot, 1530 rail due to it's adjustable and EXTREMELY fastener friendly nature. Finished the controller last night, will be working the frame and axis next several weekends.
What's the update on your book?

JRS said...

I haven't taken the plunge on anything CNC-wise yet, except repairing a formerly dead macbook pro I bought from a friend (on the assumption that the crashing was thermal shutdown caused by a bad fan. It wasn't) to host the machines. I've also purchased a boarduino (Arduino clone designed to plug into a breadboard - to learn more about arduino and interfacing it to stepper and/or servo mechanisms.

I'd be very interested to know more about your results.


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