Saturday, August 29, 2009

David Byrne on Kindle DX

Interesting review by David Byrne (frontman for the Talking Heads) of the Kindle DX. Especially interesting to see Byrne's perspective, since he's been part of the music industry through their whole DRM era.

I've been pretty busy of late, working on the new novel, visiting my mother over my birthday, having the kitchen counters redone, and we have adopted a kitten. Pictures soon. :)



John Foberg said...

I can't comment on personal experiences with the Kindle but it looks like the two big negatives are price and compatibility with file formats.
When will manufacturers learn that draconian DRM measures put off a huge customer base?

JRS said...

Sorry it took me so long to approve this comment. It got lost in the shuffle. -JRS

John Foberg said...

np, I just saw both books are available for download from your main site. I've already purchased both books but can't find my copy of LG so will try the download.

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