Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Odd Lots

A friend of mine, fellow author Jeff Duntemann keeps a well regarded blog (though it's presently having provider problems). One recurring feature of it are little amusing things found on the net or emailed to him by friends. He calls them Odd Lots entries. It's too good an idea not to steal. :)

So, Odd Lots for today:

An ant, as you've never seen it before, composited out of 400 images from a scanning electron microscope. Via Daring Fireball

The first ethernet cable A lot is made about the broadband revolution - cable modem, dsl, fiber to the home, etc, and all of them talk about the 'last mile' - between the phone company/cable company and your place. Ethernet, for most of us, is the last /foot/ technology, as it's become the de-facto network standard for desktop computers to talk to the world. Yeah yeah, I know, wifi. But 802.11b/g/m/etc encapsulates 802.3 ethernet packets. They're extremely closely related. So yeah. Unless you're using a phone modem, you're almost certainly using some form of ethernet to read this message. And this is the very first ethernet cable. Via BoingBoing Gadgets, via Make: Online".


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John Foberg said...

Thanks for the small but invaluable nostaglia trip.
In the mid 70's I remember as a overhearing about token rings, etc. From an eclectic group of COBOL prgrammers and circuit board designers that I did menial labor for. Primordial network stuff that was considered 'high magic' and very ornery to get functioning correctly.

James, I was hoping you would be commenting on the "Virtuality" pilot that recently aired. I watched it on HULU last night. I am VERY disappointed that it may not be continued. Seemed very promising and fresh irregardless of any cliches or technical faults.

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