Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This blog, Now on Myspace, too

After much fuss and feathers, this blog is now available on my MySpace page. Kudos to SpringWidgets for making it reasonable to do. Razzies to MySpace for making it so hard to do in the first place.



John Foberg said...

Just got a call from B & N as well as Borders today. I ordered Irreconcilable Differences from both stores a few days and each stores copy arrive the same day!
I didn't relish wading through all the press stationed near Wall Street Borders so I picked up the B & N copy in Hoboken.
I read the epilogue ..heady flavors of Gibson/Cyberpunk with delicate undertones of Stephenson/post modern...mmmmm
I'm definitely looking forward to an extended read tonight.

JRS said...

*chuckle* Thank you. Happy reading. :)


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