Sunday, June 29, 2008

Irreconcilable Differences Site Goes Live

Those of you coming in through the front page may have noticed that the site looks different. :) For those of you on the RSS feed, has a new look in support of my new book, Irreconcilable Differences. Come one! Come all!

The big news - obviously - is the new front page, books page, and book page about Irreconcilable Differences, my second novel in the Looking Glass world. Irreconcilable Differences is about Interpol agent Rachel Santana, who has been digitally copied and implanted in Micki Blake, a sixteen year old farm-girl hacker from rural Kansas. Their undercover mission is to dive into the local hacker ecology and find a new, big player who’s unraveling everything there. And kill him.

Irreconcilable Differences delves deeper into the Looking Glass world, exposing secrets about the last days of the United States, the final pyrrhic war, and matters abroad, because Rachel Santana was there.

Be sure to check out the About page - it's got a new blob of text and a new picture of me, taken as always by my charming wife, for the new book. Also be sure to check out the News+Bookshelf page. I spent a lot of time and effort making that work better, and added some new features. There are also a lot of changes under the hood, so hopefully everything will be smoother, more compatible, and faster.

I've also gone to much greater lengths in this site to be standards compliant. All the pages verify with the current W3C html validator, and the CSS file checks out with their CSS validator. The only exceptions to this are URLs to other people's pages, which I've not bothered changing.

As always, if you hit any bugs, large or small, contact me. I'm not just the author, I'm also the webmaster. :)


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