Saturday, February 2, 2008

Looking Glass on Amazon Kindle

Got an Amazon Kindle? Me too. My dear wife got me one for Christmas, and it's still my favorite new toy. :) So of course, I got with the fine folks from Flying Pen Press to get Looking Glass into a Kindle edition. I formatted it myself, and I think it looks pretty sharp. It's also slightly cheaper than the discount Amazon is currently offering for the trade-paperback version. Yay! I'm very stoked about having an electronic version of Looking Glass out there, as I've already discovered just how handy the Kindle is for traveling and such.

By the way, yes, I'm aware that there's no cover art image on the Kindle Store entry. Yes, I am aware that the TPB version does not list the Kindle edition. I'll work on the former, but the latter, Amazon has acknowledged as a problem. Nobody ever said the bleeding edge of publishing was easy.

Click here for the Amazon Kindle version of Looking Glass.


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