Tuesday, December 4, 2007

More site changes

If you're reading this page from the "News+Views" link on my website, you already know what's new. First, the link name changed to reflect the content. Second, thanks to Scot Hacker, the hosting service admin, and the fine folks who bring you Magpie RSS, I can now feed rss feeds onto my own pages.

It's not perfect yet. I'm aware that Magpie is barfing on some characters (the stray ? marks in things are this). I also definitely want to be able to see how many comments I've gotten on a page, and I know the data is in the feed, though at present, Magpie doesn't seem to make it available.

But it works, and it gives me more control, so here it is.

And as long as it works, why not add a second one? So I did. On the right hand column of the news+views page (you already know this if you're looking at it) I've added the feed from my goodreads bookshelf. Not all the books there have reviews yet (I am supposed to be working on Irreconcilable Differences, not writing reviews or coding), but some do, and clicking on the links *should* take you right there.

As always, do please contact me if things are broken.



(edit: The character problems seem to be fixed. I had to tell magpie to output in utf-8 instead of whatever its default is. define("MAGPIE_OUTPUT_ENCODING","UTF-8") does the trick. Still poking at the comments number problem.)

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