Saturday, November 17, 2007


Ahem. If you're getting tired of me and my squeal-like-a-little-girl moments in this blog, I'm afraid there are more.

See, I just found copies of Looking Glass on shelves at Barnes & Noble. Barnes & Noble. Wow. :) My first national chain. Now granted, it's very possible the distribution is only regional, and my sales ranking on their website is nothing to write home over, but. Barnes & Noble. Wow. :)

I'm afraid the squealing really must start here.

Best to all.



Mike S. said...

Huzzah! Great news, and keep squealing!

Anonymous said...

Heya, and congrats on the find! That's gotta be a great moment, even among your other recent successes.

Anyway, just stumbled on by; heard about 'Looking Glass' a few weeks ago, and ordered it IMMEDIATELY. Love sci-fi, and love finding books with strong/cool female protagonists. And a wheelchair-bound super hacker? Makes me think of DC comic's Barbara Gordon, so there's no way I could pass up your book.

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