Saturday, August 25, 2007

Reviews, Readings, and Updates

I'm in the midst of moving to someplace in the Denver Metro area, so I have gotten a little behind in my updating. Okay. A lot behind. It's been a busy month.

New Reviews

I've gotten two more very good reviews, which is always nice. :) The first (by date) was this one, from an customer (who I do know personally). Second is this one. My wife would tell you I squeal like a schoolgirl when I get reviews like these. Try not to picture that. No sense scarring you for life.

Reading at Who_Else Books

Between those two reviews, chronologically, I did my first actual reading at Who_Else Books, in the Denver Book Mall. My introduction went marginally better than the one I did at the Premier Party at Tattered Cover, but it becomes apparent from the photos that I need to /LOOK UP/ when doing these. There are a bunch of other bits of technique I've been reading about - things like, "print out a big print version of your reading" and "expurgate the reading so you don't lose the audience in descriptive passages" (these ideas and many more gotten from Charles Stross's very helpful webpage on the matter. )

Seriously though. Who_Else books is a wonderful place. Nina and Ron are very kind people, who run a great, comfortable, bookstore. The Denver Book Mall is a fine old building, filled with the old book scent that corporate bookstores just don't seem to have. The mall is an eclectic collection of small book stores, many of them trading in used and/or rare books. Who_Else is one of the few stores in the mall that also carries new books. It's a very nice venue to read at.

My wife and I liked the place so much, in fact, that we went back there to hear Emma Bull and Will Shetterly's readings about 3 days later. Those two are pros. Bull's reading style involves guitar playing and is very high energy. Unsurprising, really, since the last time I saw her at a public appearance, she was onstage at Minnecon playing with a band called Cats Laughing. Shetterly's reading style is more quiet. Their writing styles are very different as well, although I confess I'm much more familiar with her work than his. We bought both books, though. Haven't had time to read them either.


Updated (and slightly recombobulated the inner workings of) the press page to reflect the two new reviews.


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