Saturday, July 21, 2007

Reading at Who_Else Books, Denver

I will be reading from Looking Glass at Who Else Books, in the Denver Book mall, Sunday, July 29, at 3:00PM I'm not entirely clear how long I'll be reading, so I'm going to prepare two readings from Looking Glass, and probably have one in reserve from a work in progress. I may also be asked to natter on about science fiction in general a little. Those who follow this weblog will probably be familiar with some of the material I'll cover in that case.

Joining me will be Gaddy Bergmann, author of Migration of the Kamishi. Migration of the Kamishi is the story of two young men, orphaned by the destruction of their tribe, as they make their way across a North America left wild, three thousand years after human society is destroyed by the impact of the asteroid Apophis. Migration of the Kamishi is a story of sweeping vistas and big sky, set against a landscape and wildlife freed from human influence. Gaddy is a fellow Flying Pen Press author, so if he looks familiar, you've seen his picture in this web log.

Also joining us will be Warren Hammond, author of Kop. Kop is a future-noir crime story, set in the cities of the dark jungle planet of Lagerto, a dead-end colony world caught in a downward spiral of economic ruin and crime. The story follows an aging cop as he and his new partner try to unravel an apparent serial killing, and disentangle themselves from the web of corruption they've lived in since their youth. If you catch me in his line to buy a copy and get it signed? You can see why. (No, I haven't read Kop yet. Yes, I cribbed from several reviews for this summary. I've been a bit busy. :)

The Denver Book Mall is located at 32 Broadway, between 1st Ave and Ellsworth, and the phone number is 303-733-3808.

Hope to see you all there!


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